Because a Little Bug Said Ka-Choo“Bucket List”… If I hear or read that term one more time, I’m gonna implode. I’ll kick a bucket, onto somebody’s head like one of the situations of “Because a Little Bug Said Kachoo!”,  the ‘butterfly effect’ written with nonsensical wit by Dr. Seuss.

Yes, a crass little bug sneezing rather than a butterfly flapping its wings, flowing as one with the breeze, unleasing a zany unprobable chain of events. What a life!

But, I digress… and I made you digress, too. Ponderences of bugs and butterflies be better than ‘bucket list’.

I most often hear “bucket list” bantered about among Boomers who’ve belatedly begun to travel abroad. Something about ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’ – a compendium not written by Dr. Seuss – thumbing its pages as if it were the last word. Or The Word.

St. Augustine

To see the world is a strong aspiration, a good plan. A saintly, religious man wrote this statment 1000 years ago – and my husband and I have followed the advice, as a sort of religious pilgrimage of our own. God made a big world with all manner of people, animals, plants, bugs, and things, and we want to interact with as much as we can.

Actually, the travel quest was fostered by my parents, who gave us a World Atlas for Christmas each year to get us on a travel path outside the US borders.

To see the world is a healthy aspiration for mental, social, and fiscal reasons. It makes one appreciate the thoroughly good and pleasant life that we inhabit in the US. We are blessed beyond words.

Advice to the mentally, socially, and physically healthy: don’t say “bucket list” around me. Stick it in your bucket. Trite may be true, but I value creative phrasing, to glorify God’s world in endeavor to live the life He gave to the fullest..

He has purpose for you: you shouldn’t buck it.