pool humorSomeone told me a long time ago, perhaps my dad, the superior punster: sense of humor changes as you progress through the years.

Topics that make you LOL differ at age 26 versus 62…BUT I’m swimmingly unappreciative of this cartoon.

The cartoon seems 20,000 leagues under, below the belt literally. I can not imagine the scenario, or see-and-saying this to my Lar, for whom we built our backyard pool. Taboo, Icks-Nay, Not.

What about you? What tickles your fancy or your funny bone? What’s taboo? Jokes about arthritic knees and/or hips? Slips of the lips? Punch drunk humor about pills? Is aging euphemistic?

My husband and I are lifelong exuberant gigglers, but we agree that jokes are sparse, with few howlingly laughable in years. Since politically correctness pervaded the talk on the street – even the Internet, the medium for which my husband and pals endlessly cycle and re-cycle jokes. Larry reports there’s a dearth: funny business is down. Taboos are up, along with intolerant snark.

Words do have power, we all can agree, but sense of humor should prevail. That’s why, when blonde jokes were the rage, replacing Polacks and elephants on parade, I learned all that I could, often leading conversation with them.

Seriously – I didn’t/don’t take myself seriously. What’s the fun in that?

However, swipes at aches and pains, pills and aging haven’t entered my joke lexicon – I’m not ready for Boomer Humor yet.

Not even on April Fools Day.

Share your favorite in the comments. Maybe I’ll laugh.