One of my friends has an ulcer, a condition now known to be a disease. She’s on a medication that brings relief and cure; back in the day, it was diet-controlled 100%.

I know because my family endured the dietary constraints of my father’s ulcer treatment: bland and blended foods, like baby food in texture, but not in taste. In taste it may as well have been fish food.

But, you know me, there’s always an Upside, and I find it fast: the blender that was purchased to achieve this edible paste was turned into a daily chocolate milk shake machine!

blenderThat’s right! Every day after school that year, I made myself a blender full of chocolate milk shake – Nesquik powder, ice cream, and whole milk – and downed the whole thing while I pounded out homework.

Another Upside: I gained not a single pound that teenaged year.

Those were the days, my friends.