Lisa Genova's "Still Alice" and Matthew Thomas' "We Are Not Ourselves"Alzheimer’s Disease has been a focus of the books I’ve read of late: Still Alice and We are Not Ourselves, a novel written by a UCI MFA that seemed like a son’s family tale, not fiction, unveiled in excruciating detail.

I didn’t select the books for this purpose, didn’t know the story content before I began.

Omgod-incidence! I wonder if He is trying to alert me to my end-of-life theme. To learn about and mediate life crises and issues is a compelling force of reading, as you know, to mitigate unholy crap!

I’ve decided to rename the disease, the one that rips your brain out from under you – a prank so like junior boys when they pulled the folding chair out from under the soon-to-be-flat-on-his-ass friend. I never laughed as the juvenile gasped, while his buddies guffawed, and then rebounded to trick one another again and again. Sadly, neither an afflicted nor an affected person rebounds from Alzheimer’s Disease.

So, for the-change-of-perspective-name (drum roll, please), I think All’s Hammer is just about right…

Let’s all get hammered for our end…that is in sight and not to this Boomer’s delight.

Anyone to go to see the movie, ‘Still Alice’, with me, to hold my hand and hankie?