As Boomers we’ve earned the agency of age. While some call it wisdom gained through the years, it encompasses the leisure to explore: to be and not have to do. Just as our work days are behind us, so are the forced school years, but that doesn’t mean we have to let go of growth.

Separate fact from fiction – a tenet of education that’s currently undercut. Left and right, disturbingly, frequently, confusing. Disaster by demagogue. All facts are decried as fake, truth when one considers the source. It’s a lose-lose atmosphere.

Another elementary etiquette is compare and contrast. My fourth-through-eighth grade years were dedicated to the principle and it’s one I cherish and revere.

When I posted these two books, one written by a friend, I placed them on opposites sides of the blog post, like boxers assigned to their corners. They may/may not be separate and equal. I haven’t read either of them yet. Just returned from vacation apart and remain swamped with post-vacation tasks. Swamped with laundry, house-and-garden plant tending, story writing-and-revision, junk email separation: the wheat from the chaff. Etc., etc., etc.

Soon the task deck will clear and I’ll be ready and able to read. Join me, please.

You be the reader, the thinker, the compare and contrast judge. Open your mind, let knowledge pour in, remain in homeostatic anger or leave it behind to hope. Grow.

Spend some dough, which is easy for we privileged Americans to do. Spend a day, a  week, a month, whatever your reading speed allows. Let your universe expand or cloister around your own thoughts. Open and allow, believe and receive knowledge. Hope.

Explore why authoritarianism appeals.

Build your own agency, your school of thought, prosper with insight, whether you agree with the views or not –