I am ardent, authentic, and undeniably out-going, a perennially chipper sort, a habit that astonishes people who’ve known me over time.

After all, reality bites, doesn’t it? Life episodes hammer at one’s spirit, sending a person to drink or hunker down. Wings and personality clipped, altered by failures, ridicule, and/or shame. Unholy crap!

What is my source of unending perkiness? A talent for refuting reality: I write.

UnknownI am Charlie Brown, taking the dare, flaunting common sense, and imagining positivity into place, defying aggravated gravity. Kicking the ball that Lucy snatches away-at the last moment-again and again.

Good grief! Aaugh!

While I am a character, I am not a cartoon. I experience the hurts, but endure to smile again.

Why and how – the most difficult questions. I am a daughter of a King…

I have a talent for refuting reality because I believe in a better end: my place in heaven transcends.

“You’re a good woman, PJ Colando,” He who made me – and my endlessly inventive, creative mind – says.

I may  have a whimsical spirit, but I am not a wimp; just like Charlie Brown, I stand up.

There is no grief in that.