Even Neanderthals did it – and, likely, Trogyldites, too. People gossiped – er, shared information with each other. It was a way to survive. To run for your life, beat the tomtoms, send the smoke signals… to stay alive!

I despise gossip. It’s modern purpose seems to be to slam another person behind their backs. More effective and malevolent than a sword, words work. To malign, get even… or worse: ruin a reputation.

Gossip is a curse, a scourge, a blight.

I sort of believed that gossip was the turf of mean spirited women and girls.

But, I’ve discovered that men do it, too… however, men call it networking and ‘for his own good.’ HA! Just as southern girlzz¬†euphemize, “bless her heart. She cain’t help it. The poor thang

Dang! It’s dis-spiriting!

Here are some other terms I’ve heard lately, to riff on the theme of euphemisms:

  • rumblings in the ‘hood
  • word on the street
  • yield it up!
  • bungle in the jungle
  • slander
  • word murder
  • bitch her up/down
  • blast behind the back
  • turd whisper

What euphemistic terms have you heard?

Shh-h. Keep them to yourself, don’t tell. Me or anyone else. I hate gossip, remember. Don’t slur your words – or others – around me!

Gossip is cringe-worthy. To trash-talk another serves to demean one’s self – in my eyes. Let me (metaphorically) speak my truth to power…

Get off my lawn with your potty mouth!