As you may recall, I recently did a Marie Kondo closet check Call it Spring cleaning of one’s clothing, similar to the annual ritual my mother performed in my childhood house. I’ve accomplished a similar sweep of our stuff in the past. Please read all about it:

While I’ve often said that my life as a retiree – who writes in the solitude of her home – is a yoga pants life, after an inspection of my closet, I’ve discovered that my version of a relaxed lifestyle is jeans. I have enough to stock a Levi’s store. (wink-wink)

Pegged legs, boot cut, and boyfriend style. I have a dozen-plus pair. Several colors, too: blue (in shades from light to dark), white, black, gray, and peach. Faded, bling-adorned, and ragged-hemmed. Stone-washed and star-decked, though I don’t own a pair with holes in the knees. I once tried a pair in a store’s dressing room and found them too hard to put on. My shoes got stuck in the holes and I almost capsized – not a good look. I doubt my medical insurance would have covered the cause of that accident with its resultant broken ankle or hip.

I even own a couple of denim jackets, though wisely, I opted out of denim caps. I’ve got a denim visor for walks around the block. It’s as functional as the rest of my denim wardrobe.

Check out George in the iconic Beatles photo!

I’m comfortable in jeans. They’ve been part of my wardrobe since I was a teen. Back then I cut off the winter-worn pairs into Daisy Dukes for the summer, when my legs were long with no celluloid flab. Holy crap – was that really fifty years ago?

Denim apparently sparks Joy in my life!

What about you, Constant Readers and Writers?