“Thirty days hath November. April, June, and September. February alone has 28 – let’s celebrate my birthday with a corona-vaccine shot!

Well, tomorrow is December 1. I prayed for COVID to be over by Christmas – ’twas all I wanted. But, that’s not going to happen, so I’ll wish for new clothes instead. I found an old photo, taken in my closet, and noted that half of the items shown are gone. Given to Goodwill. Who needed a party dress, post-chemo wigs, and dancing shoes in 2020?

Who’s needed new clothing when we seldom left the house for nine months. We dined out infrequently and never partied – not even for birthdays and such. We were able to dine in the home of longtime friends for Thanksgiving, so we have a place of trust to cherish friendship and the traditions of Thanksgiving. After all, we four had much to be thankful for: we were alive. COVID wasn’t over, but we could commune.

We’ll be able to Christmas dinner dine with longtime and trusted friends again. The folks are naturalized citizens, so they cherished their votes – and they cherish us. Our friendship didn’t perish in the vagaries of partisan politics. Amen.

It was certain, in each case, that we were not going to travel 2000 miles by plane to see our families and friends in the Midwest. We had a professional photographer take portraits of us, with this fact in mind: we are never going to see some of those people again. Not even for funerals, I regret. Do you like this photo of us?

Live. Laugh. Love. These elements are needed for more than 30 days. Thrive on!

P.S. I hope you get a coronavirus vaccine shot by my birthday in 2021, too!