Jeanie’s Just Jealous, a picture book by PJ Colando


1: Daddy scoops his girls into a hug and says, “I love you both.”


2:  Emma stays tight when Jeanie lets go…

3:  Vexed, Jeanie crosses her arms and taps her toe.


4:  Daddy winks: “Jeanie’s just jealous.”

5:  Mommy takes Emma shopping for new school clothes.


6:  Jeanie rips her special skirt and flings it on the floor.

7:  She’s not old enough for school. She’s sad and very jealous!


8:  Grandpa invites the girls for a merry pony ride.

9:  Emma mounts, without help, up into its saddle.


10: Jeanie stomps her foot, which spooks the beast,

11: To gallop down the street.


12: Grandpa whistles it all to a stop.

13 Rides are done for the day, forever.


14: Grandma bakes cookies and, while she cleans up,

15: Lets Emma lick the bowl…


16: Between spoon licks, Jeanie sticks out her tongue.

17: Grandma sees: “Jeanie’s just jealous.”


18: Then they’re library bound to check out books.

19: Emma can read all the books – and does,


20: Including Jeanie’s stack.

21: Jeanie runs to tattle and scream…


22: Emma’s in time-out again.

23: Jeanie’s obnoxiously jealous!


24: Emma gets a sleep over friend, so…

25: Jeanie’s cooped up with the parents


26: In their bedroom where there’s no TV…

27: Jeanie sniffs popcorn downstairs.


28: She’s hungrily jealous!

29: Mrs. Masters admires Emma’s emerald eyes


30: noting Jeanie’s blues have thick curled lashes.

31: Now Emma feels sidelined…


32: Could it be she’s jealous?